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A message from our Executive Director…

Declared bankruptcy? Yeah, I’ve been there…

Brian T. Edmondson, Founder & Executive Director of the Bankruptcy Recovery Foundation


Brian Edmondson here welcoming you to the Bankruptcy Recovery Foundation.

I’m the Founder and Executive Director of the Bankruptcy Recovery Foundation, can see my formal bio below, but first I wanted to make a personal intro…

You may not know this, but you and I are a lot alike.

You see, just like you, I know all too well the feelings the word “bankruptcy” can conjure: anxiety, shame, fear, defeat, embarrassment… the list goes on.

But when you’ve lived through a bankruptcy like I have, you’ll quickly realize it’s about time you gave yourself a break. I know I did…and I’m thankful every day that I did.

Why Bankruptcy Is Not the End of the World

Life can come at you very fast. On 9/11, the world changed drastically overnight. In my own small way, so did I. I was being crushed with mounds of extreme debt and even though I wanted to pay back all my debts… going that route would never get me ahead in life. Like most good meaning and well-intentioned people, my decision to declare bankruptcy was not easy, was not taken lightly, and was something I did because I felt that I had no other choice to be able to turn my life around and have a real shot.

That’s exactly what happened.

Today, 15 years after I declared bankruptcy, I am extremely blessed and doing well. I was able to start my own online business and have had financial success and flexibility. In addition, I’m currently enrolled in law school as a full-time student. But the reality is that none of this would have been possible if I did not declare bankruptcy, be forgiven of my debts, and get a second chance with a fresh start.

The story I’m interested in telling – and the reason I started the Bankruptcy Recovery Foundation – is about how I rebuilt from my bankruptcy, how I was able to pick the pieces up from a place I thought was worse than square one, and how incredible life can be after bankruptcy.

The reality is that there is not a lot of information out there to help support people who have gone through bankruptcy and help them take the steps they need to take to recover quickly. I was fortunate enough to have an educational background in finance and economics and did a lot of my own research to figure out exactly how I could recovery from bankruptcy as quickly as possible.

Those are the lessons I teach in the Bankruptcy Recovery Foundation.

Why Did I Start the Bankruptcy Recovery Foundation Now?

I went bankrupt because of the events of 9/11 and its effects on the global economy. Today, I look at the COVID-19 pandemic and the country’s struggling economy, and I know what is coming (and most economic experts agree): it’s termed a “bankruptcy tsunami.” In short, an unprecedented amount of people in this country are going to be declaring bankruptcy soon. And they will need help.

My own bankruptcy ignited a passion to be of service to others. I’ve been helping people on a smaller scale for years with their personal finances, taxes, credit scores, and more. But these days more than ever, world events can have catastrophic impacts on personal finances. This is nobody’s fault. Just like I did, you can rebuild.

The Best Is Yet to Come

Bankruptcy is not bad, and you are not bad for declaring bankruptcy. The reality is that bad things happen to good people. Everyone has their own reasons and story. The key is that you are able to learn from your bankruptcy and use the gift of bankruptcy as an opportunity to start fresh and move on the bigger and better things.

Here’s a little secret from someone who’s been through the process: bankruptcy is not about admitting defeat and surrender. It may not seem like it at the time, but bankruptcy is not an ending; rather, it’s a beginning.

May the next chapter be the best chapter of your life!


Brian T. Edmondson

Brian T. Edmondson is the Founder of the Bankruptcy Recovery Foundation. He graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with degrees in Finance from the Smeal College of Business and Economics from the University’s College of the Liberal Arts. Mr. Edmondson graduated as a Scholar from the Schreyer Honors College at Penn State where he wrote his undergraduate thesis: The New Science of Behavioral Economics. Before starting his own business he was an Equity Specialist with Merrill Lynch Investment Advisors and a Financial Advisor with Prudential Financial. He currently writes for Entrepreneur and has written for The Balance. In addition to being an internet entrepreneur, Edmondson is currently a full-time student at the Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law.

Our Mission and Goals

Help individuals recover from bankruptcy

Show bankruptcy filers how to get access to credit, transportation, and housing

Educate the public about the myths and misconceptions of bankruptcy

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